As if for a Thousand Years

thousandYWhen Bill Borthwick, Minister for Lands, welcomed the newly formed Land Conservation Council in 1971, he advised them to make their recommendations on public land use for Victoria ‘as if for a thousand years’. And with that he left them to it.

The Land Conservation Council was to provide a unique framework free from political intervention, where experts could debate public land use issues and recommend fair and balanced public land use, enshrining a representative reserve system for Victoria’s remaining natural heritage. This is the story of t how the Council developed into a leading model for community consultation, surviving dramatic changes to the political and environmental landscape but, despite name changes, remaining a stable and conciliatory force in the battle over public land in Victoria.

‘a rare insight into the unique set of social and political circumstances that led to the creation of the LCC’ John Landy 

‘What a good book!…Clode’s scholarship is accessible, data rich, informative and readable’ Victorian Naturalist

‘an easy writing style…a most valuable reference’ Park Watch

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