From Dinosaurs to Diprotodons: Australia’s amazing fossils

Ever met a thingadonta or seen a fangaroo? What about a gigantic titanosaur or a mighty diprotodon?

Come on an Aussie fossil adventure and explore prehistoric life down under. Discover amazing animals unique to Australia.

Danielle Clode, the award-winning author of Prehistoric giants: the megafauna of Australia, takes you to the best fossil sites so you can learn about the incredible animals that once roamed this ancient land.

This exciting new title from Museums Victoria Publishing includes:

  • Maps and guides to Australia’s most amazing fossil sites
  • Stunning illustrations of dinosaurs, megafauna and other incredible animals
  • Fascinating facts about animal behaviour and biology

‘From Dinosaurs to Diprotodons is packed full of dinosaur drawings, maps, and trivia — enough for even the most avid dinosaur buffs, and great for school projects.’  Sarah Steed, Kids Book Review

‘A great reference book for kids of any age wishing to know more…Highly recommended’ Mem Capp, CBCA Reading Time

‘This colourful, authoritative book is from the pen of one of Australia’s foremost science writers’ Carmel Ballinger, Magpies Magazine

‘Features stunning illustrations of dinosaurs, megafauna and other incredible animals and fascinating facts about animal behaviour and biology.’ MamaMag

‘This book sets prehistory squarely in our own backyard and encourages children’s personal research.’ 4/5 stars, Katharine England, Advertiser

‘You could plan an entire summer adventure on Danielle Clode’s hugely entertaining From Dinosaurs to DiprotodonsFrances Atkinson, The Age

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