Voyages to the South Seas

Voyages to the South Seas brings to life the courageous and often tragic voyages of Australia’s French explorers – Bougainville, Lapérouse, D’Entrecasteaux, Baudin, Freycinet, d’Urville and others.

It is the story of noble men impoverished by their passion, and unknowns who made their names through physical courage and intellectual achievement. It is the story of the young men who risked their lives for adventure and excitement but, above all, in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

‘exquisitely written, its erudition lightly worn, its narrative lines compelling and its tone refreshingly warm and direct’ Australian Society for French Studies

‘finely researched … vibrant’ Weekend Australian

‘an engaging and often exciting book’ Canberra Times

‘a colourful and dextrously realised historical tapestry.’ Prof John Gascoigne, University of New South Wales

‘Packed with French romance and swashbuckling explorers’ Diamond Valley Leader

 ‘a powerful and compelling narrative’ Historical Records of Australian Science

‘Clode has the eye of a storyteller and shows great writing skill bringing the episodes to life’ Herald Sun

Now available in ebook and print on demand from Ligature.

Reviews and details of the French edition Expeditions dans les Mers du Sud

‘Une très belle proposition reliant une histoire d’aventure avec l’histoire des sciences et des hommes de sciences et d’exploration’.

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