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A Future in Flames book cover

A Future in Flames

 Why is Australia so prone to fires? Have we made things better or worse? Is it possible to live in the Australian bush and be safe from fire?

No other continent on Earth is as susceptible to bushfires, over such a large area, as Australia. Fires are an ongoing part of our history, ecology and culture. Yet, despite repeated disasters across all states throughout the last two centuries, we seem to be no better at surviving bushfires today than we were when fires burnt though the first European settlements. 

A Future in Flames is a personal journey to find out what we have learnt from the lessons of the past and to understand why, after so many years, people are still dying in bushfires.

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Danielle is also the author of Psychological Preparedness for Bushfires and a report on Community Fireguard Groups in the Black Saturday Bushfires. She provides workshops on community safety and bushfire preparation

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  •  ‘Bushfires have always threatened and always will, A Future in Flames makes sense of it all.’ Christine Nixon

  • ‘A thoughtful and broad-ranging work’ Roy Williams, The Australian

  • ‘The beauty of this book is that it provides sensible information, and blames nobody.’  Lucy Sussex, The Sunday Age

  • ‘Written with an assured style that moves from lyrical to urgent’ Caroline Baum, Better Homes and Gardens